Amended WCA Medical Fee Codes & Tariffs: April 2011

IOD Medical Tariffs changes effective 1st April

Government Gazette No 34178 dated 20 May 2011

The abovementioned Gazette sets out the increase in Medical Tariffs for Specialists,

General Practitioners and Anaesthetists

that came into effect on 1 April 2011 in terms of the Compensation for Occupational

Injuries and Diseases Act 130 of 1993.

This note is for clarification


New Patient

Previously Code 0181 was applicable regardless of the time spent on the patient.

The abovementioned Gazette now stipulates as follows (P38):

0181 Visit for a new problem / new patient with problem focused history examination and

management up to 20 minutes. 239-15

0182 Visit for a new problem / new patient with problem focused history examination and

management up to 30 minutes. 478-50

0183 Visit for a new problem / new patient with problem focused history, examination and

management up to 45 minutes. 526-35

It is therefore of at most importance that the time be indicated on the account.

Follow-up Visit.

A new code 0184 has now been inserted. 239.25

Final Visit.

0186 is now only for the final visit and includes the completion of all documentation,

specifically the final report. 478.50

The Commissioner office has indicated to us that where 0186 is charged for a follow-up

visit, they will regard it as a final and will the doctor have to apply for re-opening.

Consultations Specialists and General Practitioners.

Codes 0145 and 0147 have been deleted.

Code 0146 now stipulates.

0146 Emergency or unscheduled consultation / visit at the doctors home or rooms: ADD to

items 0181 or 0182 and 0185 as appropriate. 125-20

(General Rule B refers).

Where in case of emergency a practitioner was called out from his residence or rooms to a

patient’s home or hospital travelling fees can be changed according to the section on

travelling expenses if more than 16 km in total had to be travelled.

5003 R5-00 per km for each kilometers in excess of 16 kilometers travelled in own car e.g.

19 km total = 3x R5-00 = R15-00 (No travelling time.)

(Page 124 of the Gazette).

The Commissioner’s office has indicated that where 0145 and 0147 is claimed this will not

be paid with the following comment “Not payable claim according to Government Gazette”

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