Employer, employee and WCA

As a result of injury, the Employer suffers 100% loss due to loss of worker productivity. Generally, the Employer would pay the employee a salary equivalent to 75% of their full pay.

The Employer is able to claim this 75% back from WCA, the Employer is in effect losing only 25% as opposed to 100% which would have otherwise been the case.

The Employer is gaining 75% of his/her salary even though they have not pitched up for work.

The situation is not like annual, compassionate or sick (3 days with Drs Cert.) leave which the Employee is entitled to by law.

In the case of Employers, we offer our services in getting in that 75% which is notoriously difficult. A number of Employers sadly would rather forego the 75% they are entitled to, than deal with the WCA sometimes for years on end! And here’s we we come in…



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