Occupational Injuries & Diseases Claims Management

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What is the purpose of the Compensation Commissioner?

It is a state-run structure for meeting the medical costs of employees injured on Duty (IOD), and assisting employers to continue paying the wages of employees recuperating from occupational injuries and diseases.

Is the COID scheme a tax?

No. Participation is obligatory to employers. It is a much needed insurance scheme and should be welcomed as such.

Can we measure  WCA Claims Cape Town ‘s performance?

Of course:

  • Turnaround times are measured every week
  • Claims originated within a calendar year will be finalised within the year
  • Only 5% of claims (originated late in the year) are allowed to be carried forward to the next year
  • Carry forward percentage is measured every second week

What does WCA Claims Cape Town do?

In a nutshell,  WCA Claims Cape Town serves its clients by assisting them with their COID account management and claims management.

What is WCA Claims Cape Town ‘s turnaround time to finalise claims?

Companies can wait up to 530 days for salary refunds from the Compensation Commissioner. Our track record proves that we can get it down to 8 weeks and in quite a number of cases to six. This makes a massive positive effect on a health care provider’s cash-flow.

Can our practice handle its own COID function effectively?

Of course it can. Just bear in mind that you depend on your own staff, the injured employee and other health care providers to complete the documentation correctly. They must try to co-ordinate the timely submission of all this paperwork to the Compensation Commissioner. Without an experienced hand on the wheel, it often takes well over a year (and sometimes close on two years – we’ve seen longer than that too) for payment to be made to the employer and the medical service providers. In the meantime, the employer has to pay its injured employee’s salary without having received the 75% refund to which it is entitled from the Compensation Commissioner. This represents a needless outlay that can adversely affect your company’s profit margin for the year.

Are Doctors obligated to handle all IOD or WCA Claims cases?

No. Remember, the doctor or hospital where the injured employee received treatment must wait for payment for services rendered. In some cases, the delay in receiving payment is so long that doctors refuse to handle IOD cases except on an emergency basis – certainly not on a contractual basis to companies in high-risk industries.

How can  WCA Claims Cape Town provide an exceptional level of service?

WCA Claims Cape Town is based in the Western Cape, but maintains and excellent working relationship with the Compensation Commissioner’s office is based in Pretoria. Because we operate closely with the Compensation Commissioner it enables us to interact personally, on a regular basis, with the staff of the office. Our close relationship with the Compensation Commissioner’s office is of particular value to companies situated in other provinces, given that their local Department of Labour offices serve merely as depots for the receipt and forwarding of claims and other documentation to the Compensation Commissioner in Pretoria. Once the claims documentation is in the system, you will find that contact with the Compensation office in Pretoria, “where it happens”, is limited to telephone and electronic or paper-based correspondence, which have their limitations. By contrast, WCA Claims Cape Town ‘s on-the-spot personal interaction with the relevant Compensation office staff makes the difference in fast-tracking the finalisation of claims and resolution of historic problems.

What does WCA Claims Cape Town ‘s service cost?

We can assist in the recovery of both of historic claims (claims submitted prior to the engagement of WCA Claims Cape Town ) and current claims.

As far as recovery of historic claims is concerned, all we need from you is a Power of Attorney and a Resolution. We will then be able to take up your case with the Commissioner’s office.

Our fees are 20% of the WCA Claims paid-out value.

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