WCA Claims for Health Care Providers

The Challenge of WCA Claims

A challenge many doctors face are getting bills paid on time so that they can actually run their practices. Are you one of them? And, if you’re dealing with Injured on Duty (IOD) cases on a regular basis, you know what a stress it is on you and your cash-flow. The paper chase is endless, frustrating, energy and money sapping, isn’t it? The final diagnosis is that if each and every IOD case or WCA Claims is not properly managed, you don’t get paid. The ramifications for your practice are obvious: cash-flow crises, extra interest on overdraft, late payments of your suppliers and so on.

If your cash-flow is on life support because you haven’t come to grips with the IOD cases or WCA Claims flooding your practice, you should seriously consider outsourcing this function to WCA Claims Cape Town.

Benefits of outsourcing your WCA Claims

You immediately improve your cash flow
You become a preferred IOD provider which means you get your money in quicker
You get a major interest saving in your overdraft
Your accounting staff is freed up to focus on other issues that are important to your practice … like getting money paid over by medical aid
Our dedicated claims management staff ensures that the there is continuity with the Compensation Commissioner
We deal directly with the Compensation Commissioner’s office, face-to-face, on a weekly basis on your behalf even though we are situated in Cape Town
We take the hassle and pain that you’d go through dealing with the administrative issues so that you can do what you do best
It’s free. If we don’t settle your WCA claims we don’t get paid.